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Extreme heat measures

Changes to the school day and school uniform requirements due extreme weather conditions on Monday and Tuesday next week.


Temperatures are predicted to rise up to 40 degrees on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Due to these very high temperatures, the school is making the following adjustments on these two days to support students and staff.

NOTICE: Wednesday the 20th of July will be a normal school day with regular, full uniform expected.


Early closure of the school

On Monday and Tuesday, period 5 lessons will be cancelled for all students, work will be added to Show My Homework for completion at home. All students will be dismissed from school at 13.55pm and students will be asked to go straight home. Year 8, 10 & 12 students will be dismissed from their playground zones at the end of lunchtime.  Year 7 and 9 students will then be dismissed by their period 4 teachers.


Relaxation of School Uniform

To help students keep cool, we are providing the option for all students to wear their Elthorne Park High school PE uniform on both days.


Water – Issue of Water Bottle Tokens

We are issuing 3 free water bottle tokens to students (one per day). Students can collect free bottles of water from their normal food service areas when they purchase their usual snacks or dinner at break or lunchtime.

We also encourage all students to bring in additional refillable water bottles. To avoid disruption, we ask that students fill these up at designated water fountains during break and lunchtime (not at the end of break and lunchtime) to avoid disruption to the start of lessons.

Year 8 Day Trips on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday

Unfortunately, due to the red weather warning these trips have been postponed until the Autumn term. We have been in contact with the venues and have been informed that the bookings should be able to be amended without charge. We will be updating students and parents about this in due course. Year 8 students should attend school as normal on these days, and will be released early as per previous guidance. 

Sports Day - Thursday

Sports Day will run as planned on Thursday. In the event of extreme or inclement weather, students will notify parents via phone to arrange an earlier exit. If this is not possible, students will be supervised at the track until the end of the event.

General Measures to stay cool and hydrated

At break and lunch, we advise students to take shade, apply sunscreen and avoid excessive physical activity. All students should continue to drink water throughout the day; water bottles are permitted in lessons but must be refilled pre-school or at break and lunchtimes.