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Pupil Premium

All students at Elthorne Park High School have the right to achieve their utmost potential and it is our responsibility to foster a deep sense of aspiration, self-belief and conviction in all of our students, regardless of their social situation. The Pupil Premium (PP) is a wonderful opportunity for us to directly support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to make better, more rapid and sustained progress. Success for us will be:

  • Narrowing the attainment gap between our disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students
  • Accelerating the progress of our disadvantaged students in comparison to our historic performance and in comparison with local and national progress indicators.

We will do this through:

  • Quality first teaching boosted by personalised interventions deeply rooted in sound educational research
  • Continually evaluating our practice across the school
  • Refining our practice in light of on-going evaluation and current educational research

If you have any questions, please contact Tracey Sugden or Katy Reeves

Key Areas Of Focus

Literacy: At Elthorne we recognise the significance of students possessing the basic literacy skills that can be applied in all subject areas and later careers.
Metacognition & Self-Regulation: At Elthorne we understand the importance of student’s awareness and understanding of their thoughts and how to deal with these processes.
​Resilience: At Elthorne we aim to prepare students for the wider world by challenging them but also providing the skills and support to overcome these situations.

Useful Information And Documents