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music lessons

Elthorne Park High School offers an excellent music tuition program and we highly encourage all students to participate in this program if possible. There are a total of 30 lessons across the academic year split into 2 halves. Students can study instrument(s) privately with a specialist teacher. Tuition is available during school time on a timetabled rota for the following instruments:

Music Theory, Voice, Piano, Drum Kit, Guitar: Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric GuitarStrings: Violin, Cello, Ukulele, Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Woodwind: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

Fees for 15 lessons for term 2 (February 2024 - July 2024):

Individual 15 minute lesson  :  £116.25

Individual 30 minute lesson (Highly recommended)    :   £232.50

Concession prices for free school meal students are available. Please contact the school to apply at or call the finance department. We recommend that students take individual 30 minute lessons to make good progress. If your child is taking or is interested in taking GCSE/A level music, theory lessons are encouraged.  

Final Deadline for payments/forms: Wednesday 7th February 2024

1. Payments are to be made on ParentPay. If you have any queries please contact the finance department on

2. Please complete this form

3. Please note that the only payment method for music tuition is through ParentPay.

4. If you do not own the instrument you wish to learn, you may be able to hire them from Ealing Music Services. Please visit 

5. Lessons will begin after February Half Term. The timetable will be emailed to you by your teacher.

6. There will be various performing opportunities for instrumentalists throughout the academic year. Information about these will be shared with students and parents via their music teachers and the school newsletter.

7. There are concession prices available for those on free school meals. Please contact the finance team on for more details. 


Please read the following terms and conditions: 

1.    LESSON TIMES: All individual lessons are 30 minutes or 15 minutes. We highly recommend all students to take 30-minute individual lessons, if possible, to ensure maximum progress. 

* Please Note: If you have selected the Group/Paired option, we kindly request that you arrange for your child to learn with another student. All students need to be at the same stage/level of experience to make the lesson accessible and at the right level of challenge for all.

2.    FEES: Fees are payable twice in the academic year (September and then again in February) and they cover one period (Sept-Jan and then Feb-July.) Fees are not refundable and must be paid for in advance please. Refunds are not given for illness or simply forgetting a session time/date.

3. ATTENDANCE: Instrumental teachers will email parents with timetables for each session. It is the student/parent’s responsibility to check their emails and the notice board outside of the practice rooms to confirm their lesson times. In the case of a peripatetic teacher being absent, they will liaise with you to arrange a replacement lesson during the same term.  If you know your child is going to be absent due to an event, medical appointment or school examination etc, the students/parents are required to rearrange the lesson time with the instrumental teacher directly via email. This must be done at least 48 hours before the lesson.

4.    CANCELLATION: If you wish to stop instrumental lessons, you must notify the Instrumental teacher and the Head of Music. We require 4 weeks notice before the start of the next term to cancel lessons. Failure to do this will mean parents/guardians are liable for the payment of lesson fees.

5. INSURANCE: It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to insure the student’s instrument. The school is not responsible for damage, theft or repair of instruments. Students leave instruments in school at their own risk.  This applies to privately owned instruments and those provided by an instrumental rental scheme. Students can store their instruments in a music cupboard in F block and take their instrument back home on the same day of their lesson. All students should label their instrument cases with their full name and form please.

6. All students should sign in at front reception if their lesson time is before am registration - it is essential that we have a record of who is on the school site. Thank You.