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Duke of Edinburgh


The DofE award is the world's leading youth achievement award, giving millions of 14 to 24-year-olds the opportunity to develop themselves in scenarios they would not normally experience. The fun but challenging expeditions take young people out of their comfort zones, whilst building confidence, teamwork, life skills and friendships. Students engage in Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition.  To learn more about each of these areas you can click here to go to the activities section of the DofE website

Camping and hiking are key parts of the DofE experience. Last year our Bronze award winners walked over 11km carrying all of their supplies and camping equipment on their backs!

How Elthorne runs DofE

Bronze: Students must be in at least Y9 to enter for the Bronze award, which runs over 2 days and one night. There are three practise days that are held in Richmond* and at Elthorne, and the final qualifying events occur either in the Chiltern Hills* or Hemel Hempstead.* 

Silver: Students must be in at least Y12 to enter the Silver award, which runs over 3 days and 2 nights. There are three practise days that are held in Tring* and at Elthorne, and the final qualifying events occur either in the Shere* or The South Downs.* 

Gold: Elthorne is not currently hosting Gold awards, however we are in touch with external agencies to offer the award in the future. 

*Locations are subject to change. 


Dates and Registration for 2022-2023
Please confirm dates with Ms. Kastelic as they are subject to change.


Training: March 2-3rd Practise: May 2nd-3rd  2023 

Qualifying: June 22nd-23rd  2023


Training: January 27th (EPHS)-28th (Tring) Practise: July 6th-8th 2023

Qualifying: September 15th-17th 2023

For any further questions or to register, please contact Ms. Kastelic

Kit list 

What you need

Can I hire kit from EPHS?

EPHS only has rucksacks, waterproofs and sleeping mats to hire. These are given on a first come, first served basis and cannot be guaranteed. Please see relevant communications for further info. 


Frequently Asked Questions...


What year do I need to be for the Bronze award?
  • The bronze award is run for only year 9s at EPHS.

What year do I need to be for the Silver award? 
  • The Silver award is run for only year 12s at EPHS. 

Can I complete Silver if I have not completed Bronze?
  • Yes you can - The time frame for Silver would become slightly longer in that case, but you can still complete the award.

Do I need my own tent?
  • No! Tents are provided for each group on our expeditions.

What equipment is available for hire?  
  • We have rucksacks, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and waterproofs for hire. Please note this is on a first come first serve basis prior to the expedition, and we cannot guarantee enough for each student, 

Do I need walking boots for the expedition?
  • Yes. Walking boots are essential as they have support for ankles. The terrain can be very uneven and we want to make sure you are safe. 

Can I choose my group for the expedition?
  • Yes you can! Groups can be between 5 and 7 people. Please note in the past groups have been split up to ensure all groups complete the expedition.